Bank of America selects TS Imagine for real-time risk, P&L and margin management
PAAMCO - Prisma signs with TS Imagine for risk management support, Risk-As-A-Service
CGS CIMB Securities - selects TS Imagine to replace legacy risk system
Tabula IM - an ETF provider - implements TS Imagine to manage its front-to-back capital markets activity
Mirae Asset Securities subscribes to TS Imagine's integrated platform to power its prime service business
GF Securities partners with TS Imagine for its new Global Market Division

Future-Proof Pension Fund Management

Pension funds need to aggregate and measure exposures and risk across managers, sleeves, and asset classes. TS Imagine provides the functionality and flexibility needed to meet this challenge, so that pension funds can avoid the frustration of trying to consolidate and reconcile information across separate systems designed for different asset classes. TS Imagine’s trading, portfolio and risk management platform supports in-house management and outsourced mandates, covering over 120 security types and 8+ million unique securities including pricing and market data, volatility surfaces, yield curves, and much more. Specialized native functionality handles Liability-Driven Investing, as well as multi-asset, hedge fund and fund-of-fund strategies.

Open APIs mean pension funds can remain agile and integrate their own models, functionalities or workflows on the platform, to respond quickly to questions from the Board, or to evaluate various managers. TS Imagine offers a fully-hosted SaaS solution managed by experts with a long, successful track-record of working with pension funds.

Key benefits & functionalities

Multi-Asset, Multi-Strategy

Robust reporting, models and risk analytics and OEMS features, covering equities, fixed income, derivatives and alternatives, to support pension funds that manage assets in-house or are expanding into complex trading strategies.

Single Source of Truth

Improve insights, make better decisions and reduce costs using a fully integrated platform across all managers, investment sleeves, and asset classes.

Easy Reporting

Out-of-the-box reports and customizable dashboards for internal analyses across various dimensions, with flexible aggregation tools, LDI analyses, and performance attribution.

Order & Execution Management

For assets managed in-house, gain insights into market liquidity and leverage our dealer connectivity to allow your traders to achieve best execution.

Managed Data

Our cleansed historical & real-time market data, corporate actions, EOD marks and more, eliminating the need for costly data licenses and teams to manage data quality.


Confidently explain results to plan participants, trustees and regulators based on full transparency that allows look-through to methods, risk factors and model parameters.

Slice & Dice

Construct user-defined attributes to filter, segment and aggregate positions, by manager, by asset class, across strategies and more.

Broad Security / Instrument Coverage

A global securities database covering all asset classes, including fixed income, listed equities, derivatives, FX, swaps, repos, crypto and more, with interactive pricing tools and models for bespoke/OTC instruments.

Expert Support

Get fast answers to your questions from data, analytics and technology experts, with our personalized approach to support.

“TS Imagine provides us with a comprehensive and reliable solution to structure our positions simply and efficiently, taking into account the different styles of each portfolio”
Portfolio Manager, Lambda Capital AG, Switzerland
AsiaRisk Awards 2019 Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards Hedgeweek USA Award winner

News / Insights

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Chartis RiskTech BuySide 50 report: TS Imagine wins Technology and Techniques Category

TS Imagine is proud to announce that we have been ranked no 1 in the Technology and Techniques category by Chartis Research in the Chartis RiskTech Buyside 50 report.

August 11, 2022

TS Imagine – One Year in Business

Hear from Andrew Morgan, President and Chief Revenue Officer, about the exciting journey during our first year  - the alignment of the companies and products, the amazing reception we’ve had from clients and the market, and our thoughts on the future.

August 5, 2022

A new era for fixed income trading

Fixed income veterans are all too familiar with the workflow and until recently, the vast majority of bond trades (other than for U.S. Treasuries) were traded over the phone. Although stock markets hadlong since moved away from open-outcry to electronic trading, bond traders often still rely on manual practices and phone calls to locate liquidity, interact with broker/dealers, and agree on quantities and prices to execute trades.

August 2, 2022

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