Bank of America selects Imagine for real-time risk, P&L and margin management
PAAMCO - Prisma signs with Imagine for risk management support, Risk-As-A-Service
CGS CIMB Securities - selects Imagine to replace legacy risk system
Tabula IM - an ETF provider - implements Imagine to manage its front-to-back capital markets activity
Mirae Asset Securities subscribes to Imagine's integrated platform to power its prime service business
GF Securities partners with Imagine for its new Global Market Division

A Feature-Rich, Cost-Effective Platform with Real-Time Market Data Designed to Support Newly-Launched Funds

Providing a low-cost, packaged solution that includes multi-asset trade execution, and real-time, integrated portfolio and risk analytics, TS Imagine helps newly-launched funds attract investors and secure prime brokers with our proven trading, portfolio and risk management platform. Providing operational efficiencies by offering a powerful suite of capabilities as a fully hosted SaaS platform, the solution also includes historical and real-time market data, reducing or eliminating the need to obtain separate data licenses. New funds can easily unlock the platform’s full set of features as they grow, minimizing their vendor footprint and avoiding costly system migrations.

New funds benefit from TS Imagine’s simplified licensing agreements, fast-track implementation, online training, and fully integrated front-to-back solution.

Key benefits & functionalities

Comprehensive Platform for Start-Up Funds

Fully scalable, integrated, end-to-end functionality, with the proven efficiency of a SaaS platform giving new funds the capabilities they need to attract and serve their investors.

Inspire Confidence

TS Imagine's trade execution platform, and portfolio, risk and compliance tools allow new funds to satisfy investor due diligence requirements and meet prime broker validation tests.

Easy Reporting

Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for internal analyses and providing information to current and potential investors.


Real-time and historical analyses include daily P&L, greeks, stress tests, value at risk, custom shocks, trade and hedge optimization tools, and more.

Slice & Dice

Construct user-defined attributes to filter, segment and aggregate positions, by trader, by asset class, across strategies and more.

Trade & Manage with Conviction

Real-time connections to multiple dealer platforms and third-party systems means your information is always up-to-date so that you can manage strategies with confidence.

Managed Data

Our cleansed historical & real-time market data, corporate actions, EOD marks and more, eliminate the need for costly data licenses and teams to manage data quality.

Broad Security / Instrument Coverage

A global securities database covering all asset classes, including fixed income, listed equities, derivatives, FX, swaps, repos, crypto and more, with interactive pricing tools and models for bespoke/OTC instruments.

Affordable & Supported

Built and priced for new fund launches and startups. Support team uses a personalized model to answer questions from new funds.

“As Nine Masts needs have expanded and developed so has TS Imagine’s capabilities to provide world-class service”
COO, Nine Masts, China
AsiaRisk Awards 2019 Hedgeweek USA Award winner Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards

News / Insights

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TS Imagine EMS Integrates with Appital’s Bookbuilding Platform Ahead of Launch

EMS integration automates historically manual processes, unlocking hard-to-find liquidity for the buyside community.

April 25, 2022
Limitations of HVaR

Limitations of HVaR:
When the Future No Longer Looks Like the Past

HVaR assumes that present market dynamics are captured in past behavior so what should we do when the world changes? Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, commodity markets have entered new trading patterns and Lance Smith, TS Imagine Chief Strategy Officer explains some of the tools that can be used to help HVaR without disturbing other risk factors.

April 12, 2022

TS Imagine Extends Crypto Exchange Connectivity with Gemini

TS Imagine, the leader in trading, portfolio and risk management solutions for capital markets, today announces that it has successfully integrated with crypto platform Gemini.

April 5, 2022

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