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WealthSmart Buyer's Guide

A Streamlined Digital Experience Across The Execution Hub

Wealth managers, private bankers, and their clients need sophisticated technology to thrive amidst changing tides. This guide outlines how disruption in the current wealth management landscape is easily solved by cutting-edge technology.


Imagine Having More Time to Advise Clients

Hear from TS Imagine’s global team about how WealthSmart users are quickly onboarding and advising new clients with next-generation technology.


Wealth Management 2.0

TS Imagine’s Zurich-based Sales Director, Ludovico Niccolini, shares his perspective on the changing needs of wealth managers, and the development of WealthSmart, which is set to redefine the industry by offering a real-time, tech-enabled solution.

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Empower Your Clients to Take Control

WealthSmart, developed in partnership with leading Swiss private banks and available globally, accommodates the changing needs of wealth managers and private banks. 


Imagine the Possibilities

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Private Banker International
Navigating the intergenerational wealth shift

The wealth management industry is on the brink of a transformative era, marked by a significant intergenerational transfer of wealth. From 1989, when the total family wealth in the United States stood at an inflation-adjusted $38trn, there has been a remarkable surge to $140trn by 2022, as per the Federal Reserve.