TS One

Reimagine the investing lifecycle with TS One, a single solution for sophisticated investors and their teams.

Elevate Your Game 

TS One empowers all to perform together at the highest levels with integrated Portfolio Management, Trading, Risk Management, Compliance, Finance, and Operations. TS One is a premier, purpose-built solution, trusted by the world’s most sophisticated investment firms through changing markets. 

Reimagine Investing

TS One is an essential tool for the modern investor, with greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability.

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More Asset Class Coverage

Invest across asset classes and workflows from a single login.

TSImagine-Iconography-RGB-resized_2-Duo scalability

Global, multi-asset class trading and risk platforms provide unique and highly scalable functionality across the investment life cycle from inception.

TSImagine-Iconography-RGB-resized_13-Duo reporting

TS One combines all the solutions that sophisticated investors and their teams need into one software solution.

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Cultivated Risk Models

TS One users benefit from the battle-tested risk models within TS Imagine’s venerable RiskSmart platform.

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Embedded Accounting

TS One’s accounting feature means that sophisticated investors and their teams do not need to use or maintain multiple pieces of software.

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More Data, Managed for You

Manage your data and level the playing field with faster time to insights, more effective decision making, cost improvement, and increased operational efficiency.

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Perform Together at The Highest Levels

  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading
  • Battle-Tested Risk Models
  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Operations
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Portfolio Management

Manage investment portfolios across asset classes and strategies. 

  • Exposures and Cash Management
  • Real-Time Profit and Loss Calculations
  • Rebalancing and Order Generation 
  • Multi-Level Data Aggregation
  • Trade Tagging
  • EOD Valuations
  • PB and Fund Admin Certification 
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Enhance, automate, and simplify complex order workflows. 

  • Multi-Asset Trading Workflows 
  • Order Staging and Routing 
  • E-Locate 
  • Auto-Route 
  • Basket Trading 
  • Algo-Wheel 
  • Allocations 
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Risk Management

Navigate once in a century market events with Imagine Software risk models embedded in TS One. 

  • Dot Com Bubble (2000) 
  • 9/11 (2001) 
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005) 
  • Sub Prime Crisis (2007) 
  • Lehman Default (2008) 
  • Equity Market Rebound (2009) 
  • Debt Ceiling Crisis (2011) 
  • COVID (2020) 
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Never lose sight of performance and eliminate hours of financial reporting work with TS One’s GL.

  • Investor Management  
  • Accounting Module 
  • Data Warehouse 


Satisfy regulatory requirements, achieve best execution, and ensure there are guardrails in place for safe trading throughout the order lifecycle with pre-trade and post-trade compliance tools. 

  • Operational Risk 
  • Position Based Limits 
  • Third-Party Risk Checks 
  • Cross Trade Prevention 
  • Order Marking 


Save time and increase operational efficiency with powerful reporting and data tools.  

  • File/Data Management  
  • Trade Reporting 
  • Fees and Commissions 
  • Tick by Tick Database 

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