Fixed Income

One screen to access the entire liquidity landscape. More liquidity venues, more trading protocols, more automation, more products, and more alpha.

Trade Fixed Income at Peak Efficiency

Reimagine fixed income trading with TradeSmart, a single, integrated and connected trading solution for sophisticated investors and their teams. Enhance, automate, and simplify complex fixed income order workflows, all on a single screen.

Level the Playing Field

TradeSmart is an essential tool for the modern investor, providing greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability, and empowering fixed income traders to drive returns. TradeSmart is a premier, purpose-built solution, which has been trusted by the world’s most sophisticated fixed income investors for over a decade.

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More Speed

Elevate trading workflows and generate alpha by reducing the time it takes to fill orders with rapid data and automation tools.

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More Safety

Ensure there are guardrails in place for safe trading throughout the order lifecycle through reporting while achieving best execution.

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Real Savings

Save time and reduce transaction costs through smarter protocol selection, rapid opportunity identification and embedded automation tools.

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Set up to Scale

Global, multi-asset class solutions provide unique and highly scalable functionality across the investment life cycle from inception.

Fixed Income Highlights

One Screen to Navigate Complex Bond Markets

  • Direct Dealer Connectivity
  • Venue Connectivity
  • Trading Protocols
  • Customizable Automation
  • Multiple Products
  • Data-Driven Insights
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Direct Dealer Connectivity

Direct Dealer Connectivity creates a significant monetary incentive and promotes data privacy for dealers and their customers. The dominant fixed income dealers are connected now, with more to come in 2023.

  • Morgan Stanley
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Citi
  • Jefferies
  • Bank of America

Venue Connectivity

Access the entire liquidity landscape with connectivity to over 20 fixed income venues.

  • MarketAxess
  • Tradeweb
  • Bloomberg
  • MTS
  • DirectBooks
  • UBS Bond Port
  • ICE
  • Trumid
  • Liquidnet
  • Fenics
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Trading Protocols

Increase hit ratios and manage complex workflows with flexible trading protocols.

  • RFQ
  • Click to trade
  • Click to engage
  • Post liquidity in order books
  • Auctions
  • Dark pools
  • Leave Order
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Customizable Automation

Enhance, automate, and simplify complex workflows with customizable automation tools.

  • Create and manage rules to drive orders to desired liquidity venues and direct dealers based on trader-specified criteria
  • Automate responses to RFQs with MarketAxess, Tradeweb and JPM
  • Automate A2A responding, bulk executions, aggressing, and best dealer identification
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Multiple Products

Access multiple products and stay ahead of the curve with continuous product expansion as Fixed Income markets continue to evolve.

  • Rates: Cash & Derivatives
  • Credit: Cash & Derivatives
  • Munis
  • Government Sponsored Entities
  • Emerging Markets
  • Money Markets
  • Mortgages (2023)
  • Loans & CLOs (2023)
  • Repos (2023)

Data-Driven Insights

Manage your data with Transaction Cost Analysis. Optimize liquidity and make timely and accurate trading decisions with complete visibility into execution performance across all counterparties and venues.

  • Connects
  • Clarifies
  • Normalizes
  • Aggregates
  • Optimizes Your Liquidity
  • Accelerates Decision Making

Hear From Our Customers

"Working with TS Imagine has been a rewarding experience from Day 1. The TS team has taken a very collaborative approach to delivering high quality workflow solutions for our mutual customers. Staying focused on user feedback & quickly implementing enhancements is a winning combination. We’re pleased to be a part of their ecosystem & look forward to working together as the electronification of fixed income markets continues to mature. "
MTS Markets International
"TS Imagine’s Fixed Income EMS adds alpha to our strategies by improving our price discovery and access to liquidity across our trading counterparties."
$250B AUM Credit Hedge Fund
Coalition Greenwich White Paper
Coalition Greenwich & TS Imagine White Paper

Fixed Income EMS: The Time is Now

100% of trading professionals who responded to a 2023 Coalition Greenwich study believe fixed-income EMSs give them an edge while trading.

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Fixed Income EMS Buyer's Guide

Save Time and Reduce Costs

We have reached a tipping point for fixed income trading, and as electronic bond trading volumes increase, traders must rethink their workflows. This guide breaks down the complexities in the current fixed income landscape, outlining the advantages of EMS technology.


A Better Life for Buy-Side Traders

TS Imagine’s Chief Markets Officer and Head of Fixed Income, Spencer Lee, discusses his transition from asset management to technology, and his thoughts on the evolution of electronic bond trading.

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Fixed Income Electronic Trading, Defined

New to electronic trading? Access definitions of commonly used terms in fixed income electronic trading.

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Transaction Cost and Liquidity Analytics

Level the Playing Field with Data

TS Imagine’s powerful data management differentiates the most successful investors, empowering traders to quickly combine knowledge and expertise with data-driven insights. Explore the possibilities.

  • Faster time to insights
  • More effective trading decisions
  • Cost improvement
  • Increased operational efficiency

Imagine the Possibilities

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