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Best-in-Class Infrastructure Developed by Industry Experts and Elite Technologists

SaaS is the future of capital markets technology. Our cutting-edge solutions empower users to scale infinitely and navigate markets with speed, agility, and resilience. TS Imagine’s global, multi-asset class SaaS platform is a sea of change versus competitors.

Rely on institutional-grade private cloud deployment for flexibility and scalability across the investment lifecycle for order, execution, portfolio, and risk management.

Equip your team with award-winning SaaS infrastructure developed by industry experts and an elite technology team covering development, infrastructure, production and quality assurance.


Universally Reliable Network Connectivity Around the Globe

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SaaS is the Future of Capital Markets Technology


Keep up with modern markets. SaaS based multi-asset class technology facilitates seamless usage and flexibility across the investment lifecycle.

Global, private cloud deployment empowers sophisticated investors to configure solutions to their needs with no local integration required.


Equip your team with best-in-class analytical insights designed with scalability in mind to support complex multi-asset class workflow requirements for millions of trades and positions.

  • Real-time and historical price distribution and market data
  • Fully normalized financial messaging hub
  • Multi-asset class instrument master

Access more liquidity, more data, and more automation through a purpose-built platform developed by technology experts, alongside former senior traders. This complementary expertise, unique to the industry, enables TS Imagine to lead in data science, automation, and development, and build technology that empowers users to succeed every day, across asset classes.


Stay ahead of the curve and increase speed-to-market with universally reliable network connectivity, an extensive network of brokers and banks, and globally connected data centers.


Rely on institutional-grade software with robust volume capacity, low latency global connectivity, and infrastructure backed by an elite team of over 200 engineers. Private cloud deployment, cutting-edge security and disaster recovery capabilities safeguard your data.


Scale infinitely. Global, multi-asset class trading and risk platforms provide unique and highly scalable functionality across the investment lifecycle.

Total Cost of Ownership

Streamline operations and reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need for large, dedicated internal support teams. Flexible cloud deployment enables seamless implementation and future-proofs upgrades, maintenance, and support.

Equip Your Team with Award-Winning SaaS Infrastructure

  • API
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Enhance Workflows with API Connectivity

Programmatically enrich your tech stack with flexible API connectivity, supporting complex workflow requirements. With access to developer APIs, secure development tools, and experts, users can customize TS Imagine technology to meet their specific needs.

  • Build custom solutions with feature-rich JavaScript applications
  • Plug in proprietary data
  • Use multiple technologies including FIX, Rest, and Excel
  • Customize message flow
  • Normalization and validation of all API messages
  • Instantaneous fail-over
  • Onboard new users during market hours
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Rely on Institutional Grade Security

Protect your data with cutting-edge security and disaster recovery. TS Imagine’s information security program preserves the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of its services, data, and infrastructure and is SOC II, AITEC-AIMA, and ISO 27001 certified.

  • Dedicated security team and governance
  • Security framework and effectiveness controls
  • Access control and secure software development
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Risk & vulnerability management and external penetration testing
  • Security monitoring and incident management
  • Information security awareness program and 30+ documented guidelines, standards and procedures

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