Manage Portfolios Across Asset Classes and Strategies, Without Compromise

TS Imagine provides everything you need to manage portfolios in real-time, including order management, trade allocation, historical positions, performance and P&L, exposure tracking, portfolio modeling/rebalancing, and pre-trade compliance-checking. We support all major asset classes – listed and OTC, Structured Products and Illiquid Investments (e.g., Private Equity), and Crypto – giving clients a comprehensive view across portfolios.

Portfolio and Order Management are integrated with Execution and Risk Management, supporting decision-making across complex workflows. Our portfolio and order management features make it easy to analyze positions, risk exposures and performance for an entire portfolio, an asset class, or for sub-sets of exposures based on selected criteria, intra-day or for configurable historical dates.

Our performance attribution and contributions capabilities complete the rich set of native features, including a choice between time-weighted measurements versus customized benchmarks. For these reasons, leading buy-side firms use TS Imagine as their Investment Book of Record.

For a handful of portfolios, or thousands

Our clients trade everything, across strategies that include equity long/short, volatility/dispersion, convertibles, correlation-driven, stat arb, fixed-income arbitrage, and global macro.

Key Order & Portfolio Management features include:

Investment Management

Gain ultimate control and insight with your intraday Portfolio and Order Book synchronized and updated in real time.

Portfolio Modeling and Rebalancing

Simple order generation from the portfolio view, allowing Portfolio Managers to easily rebalance portfolios and quickly adjust positions in relation to NAV or Exposure.

Pre- and Post-trade Compliance

An extensive multi-asset class rules library supports restrictions, UCITs and 40 Act Fund requirements, along with pre-and post-trade checks and alerts.

Flexible Customer Data Model

Our flexible client configuration that supports position and trade tags. Clients can build a hierarchy that supports the legal entity structure and allows firms to tailor their own custom tags e.g. portfolio manager or strategy.

Aggregation and Allocation

TS Imagine aggregates orders and allocates in real-time allowing our customers to reduce their market footprint without compromising real-time positions and compliance.

Historical Transactions

Full history of all positions, trades and transactions providing a golden source of data for your firm's portfolios.

Portfolios & Analytics

Monitor all key portfolio and position metrics including exposures, market values, NAV, GAV, P&L and cash balances.


Real-time and historical period-to-period P&L provides a clear picture of performance attribution across multi-dimensional portfolios. Dynamically slice and dice and drill into performance by fund, account, portfolio manager or strategy.

Portfolio Risk and Analysis

Track key portfolio risk and analytics metrics across asset classes. Utilize the best-in-class native risk engine to analyze and quickly react to changes in various risk factors impacting firm-wide positions to individual portfolios. Run VaR, Historical Stress Tests or analytics customized to your firm's needs.

Robust Processing and Audit Trails

Automated processing gives portfolio managers what they need to engage at the start of the trading day, and the ability to easily access transaction, cash flow and position histories.

Global Security Master

Includes listed equities from all major exchanges, all types of fixed income securities, convertibles, benchmark rates, FX, swaps, exotics, commodities, structured products and crypto.

Cash Management

Real-time cash balances (cash ladders) facilitate reconciliation and allow Portfolio Managers to find portfolios with the capacity to trade.

Position-Level Tagging

Users can populate their own aggregation levels e.g. fund, strategy, sub-strategy, etc.

Robust Reporting

Analyze positions aggregated by any characteristic with standard and custom reports, interactive data visualization tools, and drill-down capabilities, including user-defined criteria.

“TS Imagine is the primary driver for identifying our positions, valuations, P&L, and importantly, portfolio returns at all levels. We don't use a third-party administrator, so we need to have very accurate records and TS Imagine lets us see exactly where our performance comes from.”

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