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Today’s world needs smart “products” – tool kits are passé. Scalability, support and out-of-the-box functionality are now more important than ever.
TradeSmart, the first and only truly all-asset class OEMS with everything under one roof, is the leading system for the entire buy side. It helps clients intelligently source liquidity and protect alpha.
In a mature market where trading desks are consolidating and driven to do more with less, TradeSmart is the interoperability choice for streamlining your workflow. For trading, analytics, and data, TradeSmart is unsurpassed.

years experience

The only truly all-asset class,
fully integrated Order/Execution
Management System.

Trade Execution:
A Single Solution For All Asset Classes

Global Coverage Across Asset Classes

Trade equities, fixed income, FX, listed and OTC derivatives, and crypto with confidence by viewing real-time market data, gaining insights into liquidity, and conducting pre-trade analyses, all on the same platform.

Visibility & Connectivity

Customized liquidity views, a wide variety of execution protocols, pre-trade compliance checks and multi-dealer connectivity tools allow buy-side firms to assess trade opportunities and achieve best execution.


Global data centers provide the connectivity infrastructure, robust, high volume, low-latency SaaS applications needed to trade efficiently. Our FI REST API can be combined with in-house algorithms for competitive all-to-all trading.

Buy-Side Features

Capture the full trade opportunity set, reduce execution costs and integrate seamlessly with your OMS through a customizable user interface. Improve execution using enriched Pre-trade data and Post-trade analysis.

Sell-Side Features

Direct Dealer integration gives clients access to click-to-trade prices and axe RFQs, with a partnership model that reduces costs through robust integration, protects data ownership, enhances trading protocols, and improves dealer to buy-side workflows.

Dedicated Support

Our global support model provides access to experts, and ongoing training on how to take advantage of current and new features.

Covers All Asset Classes


Combine pre-trade analytics, liquidity aggregation, real-time market data with visualization, order routing through proximity hubs including FIX, Excel and COM APIs, and broker-neutral post-trade analytics.

Listed Derivatives

Connect to futures exchanges and most options exchanges globally, for real-time trading, for sophisticated order entry and large order offerings, including bespoke order entry, spread matrix, and option strike ladders, with access to complex algo trading strategies and analytics.

Fixed Income

Access the features, data and analytics you need to trade fixed income securities across markets today. Capture pricing information, dealer quotes, and TRACE data at a point in time to show quality of executions. Rely on contextualized axes, streaming prices and Best Bid and Offer (BBO) stack with data aggregation and normalization tools.

Foreign Exchange

Trade all major currencies, spot and forward, around the globe, around the clock. Fully customizable user interface offers low latency price streams, slippage calculations and more.

OTC Derivatives

TradeSmart is your pool of liquidity. Venues or voice the choice is yours. A user can create completely customizable layouts, use drop copy and post-trade reporting connectivity, . Trade interest rates swaps, CDS and more with counterparties through the platform.

Institutional Crypto

Address evolving crypto trading needs, from connectivity to compliance. Connect to a wide range of counterparties to trade Bitcoin, Ether and other institutional-grade cryptos through our extensive partnerships. Access the growing variety of products in this arena with the tools you need to keep up in a quickly evolving market.

Data - After the Trade, Reap the Benefits of
Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) provides the visibility you need to monitor, measure and compare execution performance across counterparties and venues.

TS Imagine’s comprehensive, flexible TCA module uses a Tableau-based reporting tool that helps firms comply with best execution requirements. Fully integrated with TradeSmart, our all-asset class, broker-neutral OEMS, the TCA module requires no additional set-up and all the data you need is available automatically.

To enhance decision-making, analyze the details of every trade executed on the TradeSmart OEMS with the TCA module’s cutting-edge reporting and visualization features. Advanced options include the ability to specify preferred performance benchmarks, and customize reporting parameters and report scheduling.

The TS Imagine TCA module includes:
  • Order evaluation at the parent and child order levels
  • Industry-recognized benchmarks
  • Consistent analyses across major asset classes
  • Seamless integration with the TS Imagine EMS platform
  • Customized solutions with bespoke reporting tools and interactive dashboards
  • Broker-neutral treatment

Key Features:
  • TCA Visualization – conduct comprehensive pre-trade, real-time and post-trade TCAs using interactive dashboards for easy analysis.
  • Multi-Asset Class Solution – Post-trade TCA covers Equities, Exchange Traded Futures, FX and Fixed Income.
  • Data Coverage – TS Imagine’s market data repository for equities and futures covers 5+ years of historical trade and quote data for all major exchanges.
  • Automated Processing – Our post-trade TCA service is fully integrated and automated. Order data for benchmark collection is processed daily, with trades reported in our web portal on a T+1 basis. All order data is stored on our secure servers so clients do not have to dedicate IT resources to providing external data files.
  • TCA Reporting – Web-based reporting dashboards show execution costs in various ways, including by trader, broker, and venue. Our custom reporting service allows you to create solutions that are tailormade to your requirements.
“TSI has been relentless about pursuing responsible innovation. While my vision for a comprehensive EMS was clear, the market implementation had been lacking and TSI has moved faster than any of its competitors to bring these monetizable improvements to our trading operation. Their quality of work and the dedication to solving user-specific challenges puts them in a league previously thought unattainable for a buyside platform.”

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