TradeSmart, your Fixed Income technology partner
that keeps you ahead of the game.

If you are considering a Fixed Income EMS you are looking for seamless OMS integration, priority access to liquidity, lower execution costs, better understanding of those costs and the ability to grow your business intelligently.

The evolution of Fixed Income trading technology is now clearly driven by connectivity, data normalization, aggregation and liquidity optimization. Our TradeSmart technology has now evolved to the point where our users can exploit trading opportunities faster and respond more competitively than ever before.
Client’s using our fixed income EMS join an elite bond trading community who can see and take trading opportunities with incredible efficiency. That’s because our clients drive product development with innovative ideas that our fixed income team has the expertise and resources to deliver.

Reset your technology stack with a SaaS application that connects seamlessly to your OMS, optimizing all venue and data sources into one dynamic view.


TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS fills the gap between your OMS and liquidity, instantly enhancing pre-trade, execution and post-trade performance.


TS Imagine leads on data distribution, innovative trading protocols and lower costs

Fully Integrates Buy-side & Sell-side Workflows


TradeSmart, the market leading Fixed Income EMS, connects, aggregates, and consolidates fixed income liquidity from venues, dealers, and data providers.

Best Execution & TCA

Pre and post-trade analysis merged into one seamless workflow helping Buy Side Traders deriving insights on a larger scale to make more effective decisions.

Direct Dealer:
Buy Side

Sell-Side: TradeSmart FI DDC connects dealers directly with their buy-side clients who use TradeSmart. Now dealers can precisely stream indicative or actionable prices and axes. The data always remains the property of the Dealers.

Compass Bond Search

Buy-side EMS users can now search their entire private cloud data base of RFQs, Trades, Dealer prices and axes, TRACE, and RUNS data, scan through live and historical liquidity, detect trends and signals, and find the best opportunities.

Rest API

TS Imagine Rest & Websocket API are the programmatic versions of the TradeSmart application. It enables fully systematic traders to deploy their unique trading strategies to maximize liquidity opportunities and trading revenues.

Direct Dealer:
Sell Side

Buy-Side: Indicative and actionable Dealer price and axe data. Multiple bespoke trading protocols especially suited to large and illiquid orders. Better Dealer price response.

Fixed Income Footprint

Fixed Income Products

Venues & Dealers Connectivity

Pre-Trade Data & Analysis

Execution Protocols

Post-Trade TCA

Data Content Hub

  • “Working with TS Imagine has been a rewarding experience from Day 1. The TS team has taken a very collaborative approach to delivering high quality workflow solutions for our mutual customers. Staying focused on client feedback & quickly implementing enhancements is a winning combination. We’re pleased to be a part of their ecosystem & look forward to working together as the electronification of fixed income markets continues to mature.”
    Sean Dzugan, Head of Sales, MTS Markets International
  • “TSI has been relentless about pursuing responsible innovation. While my vision for a comprehensive EMS was clear, the market implementation had been lacking and TSI has moved faster than any of its competitors to bring these monetizable improvements to our trading operation. Their quality of work and the dedication to solving user-specific challenges puts them in a league previously thought unattainable for a buyside platform.”
    Spencer Lee, Founder at Agilon Capital


  • More than twenty years of multi-asset class EMS expertise is now available in Fixed Income
  • Largest FI venue & Dealer footprint
  • Highest daily volume of pre-trade price and liquidity data
Ultimate trade performance

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