TradeSmart – Your platform your way.

Equities and ETD trading is the most established electronic market, but that does not mean that innovation stops. The listed trader’s life has not slowed down in complexity, demands have never been higher. More with less is the phrase often heard. TradeSmart has interoperability at its core it enables the richest most complete operation in terms of Data, Analysis, Automation, and Innovation. TradeSmart delivers!

• Global
• Distributed
• High Availablity
• Persisted


TradeSmart is the ‘rock solid foundation for the Buy-Side customer to build their workflows their way. No painting software no single tenant. No compromise to stability or functional development. No matter what your strategy TradeSmart has you covered.

Private Banks

TradeSmart aggregates institutional flow through its mature FIX network, with powerful automation, aggregation, and allocation tools to manage client flow. We offer an Institutional grade White label platform for distribution and exchange access in key markets

TRADESMART offers unparalleled capability
to manage the entire order life cycle

Market Access & Liquidity

Direct connectivity to more than 250 brokers through our proprietary FIX network, with access to the latest algos, actionable IOIs, stock locates, RFQ and block venues

Pre-trade Decision Support

Analytics, visuals and conditional order tagging to help with your execution decisions, as well as access to third-party analytics with single click integration

Analytics and Alerts

A powerful suite of real-time analytics, benchmarks and alerts to help manage execution performance and reduce alpha slippage


Tools to automate the trading workflow, with complete control and optional last-look functionality

Workflow efficiency

Order aggregation, automation and workflow efficiency allows our traders to give more attention to the traders that matter

Post-trade TCA and Best Execution

Post-trade dashboards with more than 20 performance benchmarks to analyze trader and broker performance, easily find and investigate outliers.

Equities and Derivatives – you are covered.


  • More than 250 brokers with more than 500 network connections
  • Access to Program, High Touch and Algo
  • Actionable IOIs electronically actionable from the blotter
  • Conditional order workflow into block venue partners:
    • Liquidnet
    • Virtu Posit
    • CBOE LIS powered by BIDS
    • Citi Block Cross
    • Luminex







“As Nine Masts needs have expanded and developed so has TS Imagine’s capabilities to provide world-class service. ”
Elaine Davis, COO, Nine Masts
AsiaRisk Awards 2019 Hedgeweek USA Award winner Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards

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