RiskSmart X

Reimagine risk management with RiskSmart X, a powerful cross-asset class risk solution for risk managers at banks and other financial institutions

A Cutting-Edge Risk Management System for a Volatile World

RiskSmart X empowers risk management professionals at banks and other financial institutions to manage their risk in any market condition with real time exposure across asset classes and cutting-edge risk models and analytics.

Designed for prime brokerage and risk management professionals who need a comprehensive overview of their exposures, RiskSmart X is trusted by some of the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms.

Navigate Markets in Any Condition - in Real Time

Comprising over 30 years of historical risk modeling expertise and best-in-class data management, RiskSmart X is an essential tool for modern prime brokerage and risk management professionals. Greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability empower risk managers to make better decisions.

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Real-Time Data and Risk Analytics

Make more informed decisions with cutting edge risk analytics.

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Manage complex strategies with a single view of exposures across asset classes.

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Smart Exposure

Never lose sight of exposure with Stress Testing, Sensitivities, and Net Liquidating Value, Value at Risk, and margin calculations.

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Battle-Tested Risk Models

Navigate once in a century market events with risk models that have helped users endure historical events such as the Global Financial Crisis, Brexit, the Dot Com Bubble and more.

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Scale your business with technology built to evolve with you as you grow.

Never Lose Sight of Exposure

Manage More Complex Investment Strategies

  • Scalable
  • Battle-Tested Risk Models
  • Data
  • Premier Engagement


Set yourself up for growth. RiskSmart X was designed with flexibility and scalability in mind to support over 1M user positions, 10M daily trades, and 10K user accounts.  

  • 10+ Asset Classes 
  • 100+ Models 
  • 175K+ Risk Factors Time Series 
  • 6M+ Listed Instruments 
  • 100+ Global Markets 
  • 250K+ Curves 
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Battle-Tested Risk Models

Stress test exposures across a variety of historic scenarios with sophisticated, battle-tested models. TS Imagine’s decades of experience, modeling and navigating crises, have resulted in robust models that have stood the test of time. 

  • Dot Com Bubble (2000) 
  • 9/11 (2001) 
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005) 
  • Sub Prime Crisis (2007) 
  • Lehman Defualt (2008) 
  • Equity Market Rebound (2009) 
  • Debt Ceiling Crisis (2011) 
  • COVID (2020) 
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Reimagine data and view exposures in real-time with market data from over 6 million instruments and over 100 markets, with users’ investment data.

  • Reference Data
  • Derived Data
  • Security Master
  • Pricing Data
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Premier Engagement

Engage with our experts through global, experienced, and specialized account management and support with access to quantitative analysts, product experts, data scientists, developers, SaaS operations, and more.

Hear from Our Customers

"TS Imagine was great to work with and we ended up with a system that does all that we were promised it would do. And best of all, due to the flexibility and extensibility of the system, our in-house IT and risk departments can now build sophisticated, customized add-ons to the system. This was a true win-win scenario."
Societe Generale
"BMO GAM selected TS Imagine’s cutting-edge technology for our Investment Solutions’ portfolio and risk management platform. As an innovator in LDI and pension solutions we need the right combination of efficiency to manage our current portfolios and flexibility to adapt to the future. Our technology is central to our success in this client-outcome focussed investment strategy."
Bank of Montreal Global Asset Management

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