At TS Imagine, we have spent three decades providing financial risk management solutions to global financial institutions of all sizes. Our risk management solution, RiskSmart, serves the world’s largest banks, asset managers and hedge funds, as well as regional banks, trading firms and much more. To provide a sense of the scale of our system, during the 2 days following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023, our clients ran 15 billion stress test scenarios on RiskSmart.

Coincidentally, we launched the latest iteration of RiskSmart in March 2023, in the wake of bank collapses large and small. As one might imagine, we saw a spike in interest following the tumult and took to the road to meet with hundreds of risk managers across the world.

We heard the following five questions time and time again:

Can RiskSmart manage risk in real-time across multiple asset classes?

Does TS Imagine provide turnkey data and data management to power the RiskSmart Platform?

What reporting capabilities does RiskSmart offer for investors, and can reports be customized?

Does RiskSmart model tail risk and potential Black Swan events to help prepare for major market volatility?

Is RiskSmart fully customizable to meet unique needs while also offering “out-of-the-box” functionality?

Our answer to each of these questions was yes.

For more information about RiskSmart, please request a demo or contact our sales team.