TS Imagine technology drives entire front-to-back office operations, including portfolio performance analytics, stress testing, limits monitoring, and margin. TS Imagine processes data on every listed product globally and covers all major asset classes and trading strategies. Its real-time, interactive and highly flexible portfolio and risk solutions enable financial services firms to better manage their investments and offer their clients a wide range of valuable services, such as risk management and margin analysis.

Their Challenge

Portfolio and risk managers process staggering – and growing – amounts of data they must synthesize quickly in order to make sound investment decisions and provide transparency for investors and regulators. Visual analysis of the effects of trading and market activity is the most efficient way to decipher complex relationships from data streaming in from disparate systems. TS Imagine needed a visual analytics system to embed into its own scalable, enterprise-class risk and compliance platform, that also allowed TS Imagine client firms to embed dashboards into their own in-house and third party systems such as execution/order management, compliance and proprietary trading.

Our Solution

Developing a visualization system that can handle millions of trades per day, thousands of accounts, and hundreds of thousands of positions was time and cost prohibitive. In 2009, TS Imagine conducted a thorough search for a visualization system the company could embed in its own product. They selected Altair Panopticon™ based on its ability to handle real-time streaming data feeds, sophisticated time series analysis, and the availability of an SDK. This enabled TS Imagine engineers to fully embed Panopticon’s visual analytics and data handling capabilities into the TS Imagine platform.

Panopticon dashboards easily accommodated the multiple levels of aggregation and drilldowns required to meet the most complex client coverage and presentation needs. The TS Imagine team worked closely with clients to ensure that each dashboard was configured to display the exact information required to efficiently address the task at hand.

Since 2009, the TS Imagine team worked closely with the Panopticon development team to add additional functionality, migrate to new development platforms, and to move to the cloud. Now real-time and highly interactive dashboards are the basis of almost all new modules and are available from TS Imagine’s traditional desktop UI, browsers and mobile devices.


The combination of TS Imagine’s data and analytics and Panopticon visualizations enables portfolio and risk managers, compliance officers, investors, and CFO’s to fully understand a fund’s Value at Risk (VaR), perform stress tests, and monitor performance.

By partnering with Panopticon, TS Imagine was able to bring their visualization-enabled risk and compliance platform to market in less than 60 days and saved an estimated $850,000 in development costs. The ability to visualize real-time as well as projected impacts of market and trading activity also provides TS Imagine with a competitive edge; the firm estimates that these capabilities have enabled it to reduce the average sales cycle by 50 percent.


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