February 28, 2023 – TS Imagine, the leading global, cross-asset provider of trading, portfolio, and risk management solutions for sophisticated investors and their teams, today announces a surge in recurring bookings for FY 2022 as demand for its products increased in all regions.

TS Imagine attributes the surge in demand to clients seeking technology that can accommodate challenging, complex markets, and to synergies from the May 2021 merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software, two complementary providers of trading and risk management technology to sophisticated investors and their teams.

Key 2022 highlights include:

  • Recurring bookings grow in every region: In 2022, TS Imagine saw an increase of 72% in global recurring bookings. On a regional level, recurring bookings were up 200% in North America, 50% in Europe and 20% in Asia Pacific, demonstrating clear, global demand for the combined company’s trading and risk management solutions.
  • Fixed income EMS demand accelerates: Demand for the TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS quadrupled in 2022 amid extreme bond market volatility and greater adoption of electronic trading by fixed income asset managers.
  • Ability to attract talent: In 2022, TS Imagine hired 100 new staff members globally, many of whom are data scientists and engineers based in the emerging technology hub of Montreal, Quebec. TS Imagine also expanded its C-suite team, promoting Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Bodenski, and hiring Chief Markets Officer, Spencer Lee, Chief Financial Officer, Kate Peachway and Chief Marketing Officer, Renee Calabro.

Addressing the surge in demand, Andrew Morgan, President and Chief Revenue Officer of TS Imagine, said: “We are proud to provide our solutions to a discerning client base consisting of many of the world’s leading financial institutions. We are the pre-eminent choice for these firms due to our true client perspective, superior products, and ability to attract talented employees. We were pleased to see demand for our platform surge in 2022 and look forward to continuing to leverage our perspective and extensive global capabilities to develop and deliver best-in-class trading and risk management solutions to our uncompromising client base.”

Looking ahead, in 2023 TS Imagine will release at least two new products specifically developed for asset managers, hedge funds and banks, and will announce significant enhancements within its existing product suite. A commonality across TS Imagine’ product pipeline is to develop, deliver and package highly sophisticated trading and risk management tools for the world’s leading financial institutions –an additional benefit of the 2021 merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software.

As sophisticated investors and their teams at global financial institutions continue to demand SaaS-based trading and risk management, TS Imagine leads the way for clients seeking a streamlined solution that allows them to trade and monitor their risk exposure anytime, anywhere, and in any asset class.

About TS Imagine

TS Imagine delivers a best-in-class SaaS platform for integrated electronic front-office trading, portfolio management, and financial risk management tools to the buy-side and sell-side. Formed following the merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software in 2021, TS Imagine innovates by drawing on nearly thirty years’ experience serving the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms through changing markets and a shifting regulatory landscape.

The TS Imagine team is focused on developing technology that empowers its clients to succeed every day, in every asset class. TS Imagine employs the best technology talent, alongside former senior traders who understand first-hand their client’s pressure points and how to address them. This complementary expertise, unique to the industry, enables TS Imagine to dive deep in areas such as data science, automation, and development. As a result, clients can focus on what they do best: generating and protecting alpha within fast evolving markets.

By offering a range of purpose-built solutions developed from the ground-up, TS Imagine technology has become an essential tool for the modern investor, working seamlessly across asset classes and geographies. With greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability, TS Imagine clients are empowered to circumvent distractions and avoid unnecessary tasks so they can maintain their focus on driving returns.