New York, May 3, 2023 – TS Imagine, the leading global, cross-asset provider of trading, portfolio, and risk management solutions for financial institutions, today announces the launch of TS One, a cross-asset class, SaaS-based solution designed for investing teams who are seeking access to global markets, advanced execution management tools, battle-tested risk management models, and comprehensive accounting software through a single intuitive interface.

TS One was designed for hedge funds with ambitions to scale, who are seeking to remove the distractions and costsassociated with disparate systems and on-premises technology. TS One unites and empowers the entire investing team, including during hybrid and remote work, and eliminates the need for multiple investment management software systems. With TS One, hedge funds can scale without the need for significant headcount increases or investments in disparate trading technology.

TS One contains several of TS Imagine’s signature attributes:

  • Comprehensive multi-asset coverage: TS One allows clients to access any asset class with sophisticated trading tools and protocols, including equities, OTC, futures, fixed income, and derivatives.
  • Cultivated risk models: TS One includes powerful risk models built on thirty years’ experience. Users are therefore able to run complex stress tests and visualize risk across asset classes, an essential feature during periods of volatility.
  • Configurable, scalable, SaaS architecture: TS One is a scalable, configurable, SaaS solution which continuously evolves as clients grow AUM.

“Over the past thirty years, technology has emerged as a defining factor in investing teams’ success. TS One reflects the vision we had when we decided to combine TradingScreen and Imagine Software two years ago – we had always set out to empower entire investing teams with a full suite of risk and investing tools through a single intuitive interface.”

-Rob Flatley, CEO of TS Imagine

Andrew Morgan, President, and Chief Revenue Officer said: “In challenging markets investing teams do not have time to navigate disparate technology and systems – TS One solves this, and gives teams everything they need in one place, allowing them to focus on protecting and generating alpha. TS One is a game changer that will allow ambitious, sophisticated investment firms the ability to scale and tailor their trading technology to their specific needs, and level the playing field with competitors of all sizes.”

This is the second product launch for TS Imagine in 2023. In March, the company launched RiskSmart X, a highly sophisticated cross-asset class, real-time risk solution for banks and prime brokers.

TS One is a product of the May 2021 merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software, which was named middle-market deal of the Year by Mergers & Acquisitions.


About TS Imagine

TS Imagine delivers a best-in-class SaaS platform for integrated electronic front-office trading, portfolio management, and financial risk management tools to the buy-side and sell-side. Formed following the merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software in 2021, TS Imagine innovates by drawing on nearly thirty years’ experience serving the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms through changing markets and a shifting regulatory landscape.

The TS Imagine team is focused on developing technology that empowers its clients to succeed every day, in every asset class. TS Imagine employs the best technology talent, alongside former senior traders who understand first-hand their client’s pressure points and how to address them. This complementary expertise, unique to the industry, enables TS Imagine to dive deep in areas such as data science, automation, and development. As a result, clients can focus on what they do best: generating and protecting alpha within fast evolving markets.

By offering a range of purpose-built solutions developed from the ground-up, TS Imagine technology has become an essential tool for the modern investor, working seamlessly across asset classes and geographies. With greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability, TS Imagine clients are empowered to circumvent distractions and avoid unnecessary tasks so they can maintain their focus on driving returns.