March 7, 2023 – TS Imagine, the leading global, cross-asset provider of trading, portfolio, and risk management solutions for sophisticated investors and their teams, today announced the broad availability of its newest cross-asset class, real-time risk platform: RiskSmart X.

RiskSmart X is a SaaS solution designed for prime brokerage and risk management professionals who need a real-time, comprehensive overview of their exposures across asset classes. This configurable platform allows prime brokerage and risk management teams to observe and report their real-time risk analytics at any moment during the trading day, providing clarity to ease and accelerate decision making during both normal course and volatile market conditions.

RiskSmart X comprises over 30 years of historical risk modeling expertise, as well as best-in-class data management, within a packaged solution. RiskSmart X offers users a range of features and functionalities, including:

  • Real-time risk analytics: Risk Smart X pairs vast swathes of market data from over 6 million instruments and over 100 markets, with users’ investment data, to deliver a clear view of all of their exposures as they occur. The platform’s analytics cover reference, security master, derived and pricing data to provide a holistic view of risk factors.
  • Smart exposure: RiskSmart X factors Net Liquidating Value (NLV), risk sensitivities, Value at Risk (VaR), stress testing and margin considerations to present risk teams a comprehensive view of exposures.
  • Historic modeling: The platform offers over 100 risk models, allowing firms to stress test their exposures across a variety of historic scenarios such as the Global Financial Crisis, Brexit, and the Dot Com Bubble.
  • Scalability: RiskSmart X is already being used by several of the world’s largest prime brokerage businesses, and is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, removing the need for cumbersome expansions to fill gaps as business expands.

RiskSmart X also contains the following signature features from TS Imagine, which are available across the company’s entire product portfolio:

Multi-asset coverage: RiskSmart X leverages TS Imagine’s cross asset class expertise and provides a single view of exposures across asset classes including equities, fixed income, FX, derivatives and crypto.

Seamless, continuous product evolution supported by TS Imagine’s technologists and data scientists: RiskSmart X’s SaaS architecture means that it is continually updated by TS Imagine’s global team of developers and data scientists, who ensure that users benefit from the latest technological innovation and that the data within RiskSmart X’s real-time analytics is consistent and high quality.

Client perspective: TS Imagine’s global team blends the best global technology talent with former senior financial industry executives who bring a first-hand understanding of their client’s needs to product development, account management and client service. RiskSmart X is underpinned by TS Imagine’s global network of staff to maintain a highly available and secure service with 24/5.5 client support coverage in New York, Montreal, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.


“We designed RiskSmart X to provide prime brokers a real-time, comprehensive overview of their risk exposures across their business – from the big picture to granular but important details  – through a single interface. RiskSmart X comprises the best thinking in risk management, first-hand prime brokerage experience, and data science and technology excellence. As the risk environment continues to intensify, RiskSmart X equips clients with a powerful engine to navigate and adapt to any market condition.”

-Thomas Benevento, Head of Product for RiskSmart X


“RiskSmart X is a game-changing product, providing prime brokers of all sizes the same risk management capabilities as the world’s largest and most sophisticated banks. The quality of TS Imagine’s risk modelling combined with the power of our technology and data analytics set RiskSmart X apart, making it an essential tool for prime brokerage and risk management professionals navigating increasingly unpredictable markets.”

-Andrew Morgan, President and Chief Revenue Officer of TS Imagine

RiskSmart X is the latest product launch from TS Imagine, which recently announced a 72% surge in recurring bookings for FY 2022, with further plans to expand and enhance its product suite throughout 2023.


About TS Imagine

TS Imagine delivers a best-in-class SaaS platform for integrated electronic front-office trading, portfolio management, and financial risk management tools to the buy-side and sell-side. Formed following the merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software in 2021, TS Imagine innovates by drawing on nearly thirty years’ experience serving the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms through changing markets and a shifting regulatory landscape.

The TS Imagine team is focused on developing technology that empowers its clients to succeed every day, in every asset class. TS Imagine employs the best technology talent, alongside former senior traders who understand first-hand their client’s pressure points and how to address them. This complementary expertise, unique to the industry, enables TS Imagine to dive deep in areas such as data science, automation, and development. As a result, clients can focus on what they do best: generating and protecting alpha within fast evolving markets.

By offering a range of purpose-built solutions developed from the ground-up, TS Imagine technology has become an essential tool for the modern investor, working seamlessly across asset classes and geographies. With greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability, TS Imagine clients are empowered to circumvent distractions and avoid unnecessary tasks so they can maintain their focus on driving returns.