TS Imagine, the leading global, cross-asset provider of trading, portfolio, and risk management solutions for financial institutions, is pleased to announce the availability of 7 Chord’s BondDroid AI within TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS (TradeSmart).

BondDroid AI applies real-time continuous learning technology to generate highly accurate pricing and analytics for thinly traded financial instruments. Unlike conventional AI engines, which require costly periodic retraining, BondDroid AI does not need to be taken offline, allowing it to deliver ever-increasing accuracy and relevance to its users.

With this integration, TradeSmart users will be equipped with BondDroid AI’s streaming prices and analytics well before and after US market hours each trading day. This continuous stream of accurate and relevant information can help them make better risk management and profit-maximizing decisions, particularly in response to overnight developments.

Kristina Fan, CEO and co-founder of 7 Chord, commented: “BondDroid AI has been optimized for live trading environments and is the only real-time pricing solution customizable to extract actionable real-time pricing signals and insights from clients’ proprietary, public, or commercially available data. As a conduit for real-time data, TradeSmart is the perfect host for BondDroid AI.”

Spencer Lee, Chief Markets Officer and Head of Fixed Income, commented: “As the movement towards more electronic trading in fixed income markets coincides with the generative AI boom, bond traders now stand to benefit from AI insights derived from real-time data. This further cements our view that the EMS is an ideal incubator for AI and that the time is ripe for broad adoption.”

Today’s announcement marks the latest in a series of TradeSmart developments. Last month, TS Imagine announced the integration of TDS Automated Trading (TDSAT), a leading player in municipal bond markets, into TradeSmart. Earlier this year, TS Imagine announced connectivity to ICE Bonds, granting clients seamless access to fixed-income execution protocols and liquidity across ICE TMC and ICE BondPoint platforms.

About TS Imagine

TS Imagine delivers a best-in-class SaaS platform for integrated electronic front-office trading, portfolio management, and financial risk management tools to the buy-side and sell-side. Formed following the merger of TradingScreen and Imagine Software in 2021, TS Imagine innovates by drawing on nearly thirty years of experience serving the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms through changing markets and a shifting regulatory landscape.

The TS Imagine team is focused on developing technology that empowers its clients to succeed every day, in every asset class. TS Imagine employs the best technology talent, alongside former senior traders who understand first-hand their client’s pressure points and how to address them. This complementary expertise, unique to the industry, enables TS Imagine to dive deep in areas such as data science, automation, and development. As a result, clients can focus on what they do best: generating and protecting alpha within fast evolving markets.

By offering a range of purpose-built solutions developed from the ground-up, TS Imagine technology has become an essential tool for the modern investor, working seamlessly across asset classes and geographies. With greater transparency, better efficiency, and infinite scalability, TS Imagine clients are empowered to circumvent distractions and avoid unnecessary tasks so they can maintain their focus on driving returns.

About 7 Chord

Since its founding in 2017, 7 Chord has emerged as a leading AI firm in capital markets. BondDroid, 7 Chord’s award-winning pricing engine, empowers institutional traders and investors with highly accurate prices and analytics for thousands of financial instruments. Powered by continuous real-time learning technology developed by its co-founders at NYU, BondDroid adapts swiftly when “black swan” events occur. Equipped with this knowledge, our clients gain market advantage by making optimal risk management and profit-maximizing decisions and providing differentiated services to their own customers. 7 Chord’s team provides “follow-the-sun” service to Fortune 500 companies and emerging industry leaders around the globe.