Technology is inextricably linked to finance because of its levelling effect, allowing smaller firms to unseat industry giants. In finance, uprooting legacy processes in the lynchpin creates competitive disruption through speed, alpha generation, and cost advantages.

Two decades of intense electronification within individual asset classes has brought us a plethora of solutions, tools, and seamless access to liquidity. We are now building on these foundations, looking beyond how firms interact with and access markets, to how technology can enhance nimble investment teams across all markets with a federated investment process and enable them to take on the giants of the industry.

Our vision of how technology will shape the future of finance underpinned the merger of Trading Screen and Imagine Software exactly two years ago. Our goal has always been to deliver front-office trading systems that unify businesses and empower entire investment teams. We are therefore thrilled to launch TS One: the realization of this vision, combining powerful technology and thirty years of experience across trading and risk, to give teams the most powerful cross-asset trading tools all in one place.

Realizing our vision

The process of evolution is imperfect. Over the past decade, a huge number of trading and risk systems have developed in parallel – many addressing very specific market needs. The result has been a sometimes-messy tangle of numerous front office tech solutions – reinforcing siloes, constraining firms’ ability to scale and complicating workflows. This problem is compounded in challenging markets when investing teams do not have time to keep plates spinning across multiple systems.

TS One has been two years in the making. Born from the needs of investment teams having to navigate volatile and fast-moving markets. TS One has been developed by experts who have traded and managed risk in some of the toughest markets in living memory. The result is a single interface for the entire investing team – from portfolio management, trading, compliance, finance, operations, and risk management – that removes distractions and allows them to focus on generating alpha. To achieve this, we built TS One on three core pillars:

  1. A multi-asset trading platform: Desks are evolving beyond managing single assets – technology and data need to reflect this shift. This is why TS One gives in-depth access to all major asset classes – from equities, to fixed income and crypto. We are not a jack of all trades – TS Imagine has deep expertise in individual asset classes, ensuring that our offering for each is carefully developed. Tailoring our offering to clients’ unique and complex needs is key, as one size rarely fits all in the world of investing.
  2. World class risk management: World class risk management is not something that vendors can quickly offer or bolt on, it takes decades of knowledge and development. TS Imagine offers just that – with over thirty years’ combined risk management experience through global crises and changing markets. This experience is locked into TS One – ensuring that teams can navigate risk, as well as capitalize on opportunity.
  3. A constantly evolving system: Users do not have to worry about stagnation when it comes to TS One. Firms are not buying software; they are buying a global team of world-beating developers who are constantly adapting and fine-tuning the system. As a race team will have engineers and pit crews ensuring their cars perform at their best, TS Imagine’s teams do the same – working around the clock to drive optimal performance.

The sum of these factors makes TS One a game-changer. In the same way the iPhone revolutionized personal technology by boiling bulky cameras, MP3 players, books and much more into a sleek, pocket-sized device, TS One elevates investment teams by consolidating complex trading desk technologies into a single, user-friendly system.

Removing the complexity of technology while retaining the highest level of functionality removes firms’ barriers to success by letting them lead with the strength of their talent and the quality of their ideas. Teams no longer have to be bound by clunky tech and disparate workflows, they can instead focus on what really matters – generating alpha and taking on the competition. TS One is a window into the future of trading technology, cutting constraints and letting investment teams show the market what they can really do. Don’t take our word for it – try the portfolio management system for yourself. Once you take the leap, there will be no going back.