In the world of SaaS, data is akin to electricity. It provides the energy your solutions need to function properly. Despite its importance, data is often taken for granted. It often exists in the shadows, despite its essentiality to software.

At TS Imagine, we take data management very seriously. We hear the following time and time again:

  • Data management is too time-consuming and expensive.
  • An accurate data set requires continuous maintenance and sustained investment.
  • Investors are seeking access to data to make better decisions, operate more quickly, avoid mistakes, and reduce costs.

Modern investors cannot avoid data management. No matter how difficult it is to get right, data is essential in the world of capital markets. Without it, investors cannot compete to win.

At the start of January, our New York-based, Austrian-born Chief Operating Officer and top data expert Thomas Bodenski, along with several others from our team, spent 11 days visiting clients and prospects in the UK and Europe. The team covered 12 cities in 7 countries and held 31 client meetings. They spoke with heads of trading, quantitative traders, execution traders, chief technology officers, chief risk officers and others. The following is a summary of the team’s observations:

Data shines a light on the fastest path to alpha while supporting deeper ideation and more collaboration within an investing team.

The team met with execution traders who use TS Imagine data feeds to inform the advice they provide portfolio managers within their teams. By empowering the execution trader with data, the whole team benefits from faster decision making. When they can rely on trusted data, execution traders can also provide more input into alpha generation.

Data is too expensive to properly manage in-house, even for giant hedge funds, banks, and asset managers.

Over the past three years, we have invested $19M annually in data licenses and staff costs. Even our behemoth hedge fund, banking and asset management clients do not wish to take this challenge on themselves. Our data management solution relieves clients of time-consuming work, freeing them up to focus on generating alpha.   

Due to the overwhelming nature of data management, users need a trusted source to ensure the reliability of their data.

Stale data is useless. Proper data management requires significant human intervention to be useful. We were delighted to hear that our data serves as a trusted source for many of our clients. Excuse the pun, but this was very validating for our global team of more than 30 data scientists who work around the clock to manage massive amounts of data. The team has a data governance framework in place and subscribes to the seven dimensions of data quality as outlined by the EDM Council.

Data will play a key role in the electronification of fixed income trading.

Without reliable data, automation is not possible. Without automation, fixed income electronic trading is rudimentary. We are on the precipice of a revolution in fixed income trading. One need not look any further than the surge in voice trading volumes on TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS: in 2023, voice trading increased by 188%, surging to $235 billion. Eventually, the entire $127 trillion bond market will trade electronically. For much of the market, manual intervention will go the way of the Walkman and automation will be as essential as an iPhone.

High quality data facilitates an accurate, comprehensive, broad view of global capital markets and investing opportunities.   

 In data management, quality is critical. With trusted data, users can instantly view a complete landscape of investing opportunities. TS Imagine’s global, multi-domain, multi-asset class, multi-context data management system underpins our entire suite of solutions. That means that any TS Imagine user has access to this accurate, complete, trusted view on day one.

Outsourcing data management to TS Imagine equates to one less hurdle in the quest for alpha.

To learn more about how you can optimize your data, contact our sales team.


Thoams Bodenski (1)
Thomas Bodenski, Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Bodenski is the Chief Operating Officer of TS Imagine. For more than two decades, Thomas has implemented solutions and transformed businesses as an executive and change agent, using technology, data and best practices within the financial industry in North America and Europe. Thomas leads strategic cross-departmental, cross-product initiatives to enable rapid commercialization of new ideas within TS Imagine’s platforms.