Oasis Management Company, an international investment manager with a focus on Asian markets, faced the challenge of trading with a large number of brokers across fragmented markets. Each of these markets came with compliance and reporting requirements that differed, adding further complexity.

Senior Management at Oasis have been utilizing the TradeSmart platform for over two decades across different firms and now they are continuing that partnership at Oasis, by upgrading to TS One. This change stemmed from their need for a system that could offer straight-through processing without requiring multiple vendors. TS One also allowed Oasis to leverage their existing data set for risk management, a significant advantage given relentless volatility and uncertainty.  

Among the many appealing aspects of TS One was the platform’s capacity to maintain region-specific compliance rules and provide critical alerts. The system’s ability to be used for compliance checks in addition to providing traditional alerts provided the fund’s portfolio managers and senior management with greater oversight and control.

“As a global investor headquartered in Hong Kong, we have benefited from TS Imagine’s 25-year presence in Asia for more than two decades. Their understanding of local nuances has numerous benefits, and it is particularly evident in their comprehensive, global, pre-trade compliance tool,” Sherif Elmazi, Oasis Chief Financial Officer & Co-Chief Operating Officer.

Oasis’ core strategy utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research. Partnering with TS One offered them more than just basic services. It enabled them to integrate the platform more holistically into their workflow, leveraging its extensive data for various components of their work. This partnership proved beneficial, especially in managing risk in real-time, a critical factor amid volatile markets.

The implementation of TS One was complex due to Oasis’ large number of broker connections and varied asset types. Despite these challenges, TS One provided straight-through processing compliance in one place, handling their extensive workflow with ease. TS One’s ability to provide transaction cost analysis for best execution and the ease of report generation were invaluable features, saving Oasis significant time.

Today, Oasis is pleased to have a partner that truly understands their needs and takes their relationship seriously. As a global firm operating in diverse markets, the company appreciates the account management, professional services, and support they receive in every region. By switching to TS One, they will continue to benefit from all future developments to the platform as they continue to grow and evolve in the industry.


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