Level the Playing Field with Data

Data is transforming investing and driving the adoption of technology. More data, visualizations, and machine learning-based tools empower investors to combine knowledge and expertise with data-driven insights.

Optimize with Data

Powerful analytical tools differentiate the most successful investors and their teams to provide faster time to insights, enhanced decision making, improved costs, and increased operational efficiencies. Configure your analytics with over 25 benchmarks, 50 market data venues, and visualization tools.

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Faster Time to Insights

Optimize liquidity with cutting-edge insights in real-time.

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More Effective Decision Making

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions regarding venue and algo selection, timing, and strategy.

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Cost Improvement

Reduce costs and maximize opportunities with in-depth, data-driven performance insights.

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Increased Operational Efficiency

Delegate the management of your data to TS Imagine while you focus on generating alpha, maximizing returns and winning market share.

Product Sheet: TCA

Optimize liquidity and make timely and accurate trading decisions with complete visibility into execution performance across all counterparties and venues. Download the product sheet to learn more.

Reimagine Transaction Cost Analytics

  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Our Team
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Order, Allocation, and Execution Level Reporting

Comprehensive decision-support and analytics capabilities validate, compare and measure the performance of traders, brokers, venues and algorithms down to the most granular level. 

  • Spread analysis 
  • Trader performance 
  • Order performance 
  • Broker performance 
  • Trade outliers 
  • Custom reports 
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Proprietary and Third-Party Analytics

Enhance reporting with proprietary visualization tools in addition to third-party analytics such as OTAS, Virtu ITG, and more. 

  • Configurable Heatmaps 
  • Venue Analysis Charts 
  • Benchmark Analysis Charts 
  • Virtual Columns 
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Data Experts

Our team of over 30 data scientists and analysts are fully dedicated to managing user data around the clock in every region, providing precise, real-time, and clean datasets. 

  • Live Price Data 
  • Tick Price Data 
  • EOD Price Data 
  • Quantitative Data 
  • Trading Data 
  • Instrument Data 
  • Corporate Actions 
  • Issuer Data 
  • Common Data


Imagine the Possibilities

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