ED&F Man Capital Markets Transforms Risk & Margin Management with TS Imagine’s RRC Platform

New York, London (30 November, 2021): TS Imagine, a leader in capital markets technology solutions, today announced that ED&F Man Capital Markets has adopted its real-time risk, compliance and margin platform. On the platform, ED&F Man Capital Markets will be able to efficiently manage initial and variation margin risk for SPAN and VaR based methodologies across its futures and options trading and clearing business.

ED&F Man Capital Markets replaces legacy systems with
TS Imagine’s fully-hosted, SaaS solution for high-volume,
real-time analytics on cross-asset exchange and OTC trading.

Data management, unoptimized workflows and the complexity of managing multiple systems led ED&F Man Capital Markets to seek out a new risk and margin management solution. Following the success of the TS Imagine platform at highly renowned clearers and prime brokers, and anticipating the need to upgrade their systems, ED&F Man Capital Markets selected TS Imagine’s fully hosted SaaS solution. The FCM has already seen improvements to data management, aggregation and reporting capabilities since deploying the platform.

Stephen Hood, Global COO and Global Chief Risk Officer, at ED&F Man Capital Markets, commented: “We needed a single platform that would enhance our ability to serve clients remotely, support business growth and relieve the pain points of managing three systems for stress tests, margin and end of day risk, and reconciling data and workflows. TS Imagine’s platform displays our risk, profit and loss and margin analytics side-by-side, while lowering our total cost of ownership across exchange and OTC trading.”

He added “The excellent work of both the TS Imagine and ED&F Man Capital Markets teams has allowed us to successfully deliver on a reduced timeline to integrate, test and go live with the new platform within a few months.”

Andrew Morgan, Chief Revenue Officer at TS Imagine, concluded “Client expectations and market conditions have pushed clearing firms to accelerate the transformation of their legacy systems. In parallel, firms are looking for ways to more efficiently manage risk and margin as their clients continue to demand greater levels of transparency. Our platform is designed to solve these challenges and we are delighted that it has been selected by ED&F Man Capital Markets as the foundation of their future-proof technology strategy.”

About TS Imagine

Created out of the combination of two best-in-class SaaS platforms, TradingScreen and Imagine Software, TS Imagine delivers integrated trading, portfolio and real-time risk solutions for capital markets. The platform is uniquely positioned to streamline complex and time-consuming workflows across front, middle, and back office functions.

TS Imagine has close to 400 employees in 10 offices worldwide, serving approximately 500 global buy-side and sell-side institutions across North and South America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific including hedge funds, traditional asset managers, pension funds, mutual funds, and financial institutions.
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About ED&F Man Capital Markets

  • ED&F Man Capital Markets was founded in 2012, and today operates at the heart of the financial services ecosystem and is a leading provider in global capital markets
  • It has a global presence across the world’s major financial centres
  • It has a diverse range of asset classes resulting in a highly resilient business which offers a ‘one stop shop’ offering an unrivalled breadth of products and services: futures & options, metals, fixed income, equities, energy, and foreign exchange

Further information is available at

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