Zeal Asset Management selects TS Imagine for real-time portfolio and risk management for quantitative investment strategy

Hong Kong, London (7 September, 2021): TS Imagine, a leader in trading, portfolio and risk management solutions for capital markets, has been selected by Zeal Asset Management, as the platform to run their quantitative investment strategy. They will rely on TS Imagine for portfolio management and real-time risk management analytics.

The firm selected TS Imagine because the platform delivers accurate, real-time risk analysis and natively covers the full trade lifecycle for the wide range of products traded under their quantitative investment strategy. With a single SaaS solution, they can now manage PnL, cash, valuation, Greeks (Delta, Gamma), stress testing and reporting requirements. The solution also provides data support for end-of-day and start-of-day processes.

Warren Kwan, Portfolio Manager and Head of Quant Strategy at Zeal Asset Management said “We needed a system with multi-asset class coverage for our quantitative investment strategy and when we heard that TS Imagine had a SaaS solution, we had to see it. The platform is very powerful and flexible. It allows us to manage the complex real-time risk analytics of our new quant strategy. And as a SaaS, it’s easy to implement, run, maintain and support while lowering the cost of ownership.”

Andrew Morgan, chief revenue officer at TS Imagine said “Not many vendor solutions cover such a broad range of asset classes and those that do come with a hefty price tag and all the headaches associated with on-premise systems. Zeal Asset Management is a perfect example of the type of firm that benefits from our SaaS solution, and we are excited to partner with them as they grow.”

TS Imagine natively covers a wide range of asset classes including structured products. The platform also includes a fully customizable security type for the creation of OTC trades with complex payoffs.

About TS Imagine
Created out of the combination of two best-in-class SaaS platforms, TradingScreen and TS Imagine, TS Imagine delivers integrated trading, portfolio and real-time risk solutions for capital markets. The platform is uniquely positioned to streamline complex and time-consuming workflows across front, middle, and back office functions.

TS Imagine has close to 400 employees in 10 offices worldwide, serving approximately 500 global buy-side and sell-side institutions across North and South America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific including hedge funds, traditional asset managers, pension funds, mutual funds, and financial institutions.

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