TradingScreen enters the cryptocurrency space with MARKTS

TradingScreen enters the cryptocurrency space with MARKTS

Despite the flagrant headlines, one thing is clear: cryptocurrency — and just as critically, blockchain technology — is here to stay. Those who wish to manage and trade these assets alongside more established ones are going to have to be equipped to deal with uncertainty caused by volatility, hacking and a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

Starting today, the entry point for traders interested in this new domain just got wider. We are building out a centralized network for institutional market participants to access crypto exchanges and are incredibly excited to offer our clients the ability to employ institutional-grade tools for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via spot and futures. To help us achieve our vision, we are building out a partnership ecosystem. We’ve been having a number of conversations with the best and brightest in the space, as we continue to best serve our clients across multi-asset classes.

Natural Market Evolution

Our clients are already dipping their toes into crypto which is not surprising given that “institutional market share in cryptocurrency trading already exceeds retail market share and significant sums of money still are sitting on the sidelines, just waiting for the right conditions to join in,” according to TABB Group. We want to be where our clients are and we are thrilled to address that as a trusted brand. Two decades ago, TradingScreen (TS) established itself as an innovator and global leader in multi-asset execution; starting with its foundation as the first vendor to offer an EMS as a SaaS solution. For the past 20 years, TS has remained steadfast in our focus to tighten buy and sell side connectivity while offering regulatory compliant trading solutions for all asset classes.

Confidence Across All Asset Classes

As TS has continued to focus on delivering for our clients across all asset classes by offering an easy-to-use, comprehensive and easily customizable SaaS-based software, we are confident that we can bring institutional investors quickly up to speed with early adopters and retail players in an efficient and compliant manner. We’ve helped clients navigate a sea of regulatory and compliance changes (MiFID II, etc.), and we’ve brought connectivity, data insights and streamlined workflows across multi-asset classes – including fragmented assets like Fixed Income. Given our company’s robust distribution pipeline, secure network and proven track record of adapting its platform to meet increasing transparency and reporting needs, TS is uniquely qualified to handle whatever challenges cryptocurrencies may face now and in the foreseeable future.For more information please visit MARKTS here:

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