Day 1 MiFID II: Seamless Implementation for TS Clients

TradingScreen the leading, broker neutral multi-asset class Execution Management System (EMS) was pleased to close out the first day of trading under MiFID II guidelines without issue.

“The TS team worked tirelessly to ensure January 3rd would be like any other trading day for TradeSmart EMS users. And I am pleased to report the efforts were not in vain.” said Quentin Limouzi, Chief Revenue Officer. “Our clients traded all asset classes across 185 MIFID II certified broker FIX connections, in 35 exchanges and destinations in Europe today – a robust start to 2018.”

Specific updates to the platform related to MiFID II included:

  • recertification of the TS broker network to add in the relevant MiFID II tags
  • availability of a T+0 Trade Reporting solution into APAs
  • availability of a T+1 Transaction Reporting solution into ARMs

As the pioneer SaaS implemented EMS in 1999, TradeSmart has literally withstood the test of time. For nearly two decades TS has anticipated shifting market dynamics and refined their flagship offering to provide a highly connected neutral network with access to unrivaled liquidity and execution tools including sophisticated analytics, business intelligence and a suite of complex algorithms. The result: an EMS that delivers a seamless automated workflow for users.

For more information on TradeSmart MiFID II readiness:

Get MiFID II Ready with TradeSmart

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