How to Trade Smarter

When it comes to trading, the buyside has no shortage of challenges. To be able to keep up amid volatility, scarce and fragmented liquidity, and rising passive inflows, traders need smarter workflows. They need a high-powered execution management system (EMS) that serves as a singular access point for connecting to global markets and trading partners, consolidates and aggregates data to ensure best pricing, and offers reporting tools for regulatory compliance. Above all, this EMS must offer quick and seamless deployment and integration with any existing trading system.

We’ve listened, refined and honed our offering, folding in new capabilities to address these challenges. Our nonstop evolution of our flagship product, TradeSmart, has delivered advancements such as automated workflows and decision-making aided by artificial intelligence. Now, for 2018, we’re excited to unleash new automation features to further optimize the trader’s performance including:

  • Comprehensive data aggregation
  • Business Intelligence for dynamic execution reporting
  • Algowheel
  • MIFID II fields
  • Block venue access
  • E-Locate

A Holistic Workflow Solution

TS gave rise to the cloud-based EMS 18 years ago, connecting the buyside to the global markets with stronger, ever more efficient workflows. As one of the last remaining independent OEMS vendors, we’re purely invested in making the best, most reliable technology that is easy to use, easy to implement, and delivers greater access and efficiency across any asset class.

It starts with all systems being interconnected with access to fundamental and real-time data, indications of interest, liquidity venues and analytics. We offer access to a highly connected and neutral network that integrates complex algorithms to match the market intricacies provided by over 200 sell-side counterparties globally. We simplify this with one holistic workflow solution that streamlines connections to third parties or our own order management system, portfolio management system, risk and compliance engines.

Second, we build and integrate state of the art intelligence and automation tools, such as those that help traders redefine strategies and mine data. Through TradeSmart, our clients get access to interactive reports, raw data and the tools to mine it. We aggregate and process data from an ever-growing network through Tableau, our state-of-the-art business intelligence tool, all to help traders better assess and respond to today’s market environment. For example, as MiFID II approaches, we’re helping them navigate the requirements and giving them a seamless solution that includes reporting, record keeping, risk controls, time synchronization and best execution.

Easy to Implement

We love to be asked: “How fast can you implement?” Clients have suffered long implementations and want to ensure it doesn’t happen again. But TradeSmart is the first ever SaaS-deployed EMS, which makes our onboarding process a true market differentiator. New clients are up and running in a few days, sometimes within 48 hours, integrated with or replacing their existing systems. Prospective buyers demo the very same tool they will be given day one, then we customize it to suit their specific trading needs with access to over 1,000 user preferences readily available in the system. Clients are able to access all asset classes given our state-of-the-art APIs, then seamlessly experience continuous product enhancements and partner integrations.

With our data centers around the world, clients can access our tools via the web or local networks, making our services latency efficient. In fact, our precision time protocol ensures that all our services across nine global data centers are in sync with UTC with an accuracy of 1 millisecond. Our clients also get peace of mind given our around-the-clock, follow-the-sun support.

Our Driving Force: Buyside Technology

Client needs have always been the driving force behind our advancements. The fact that our clients have recognized TS with a Best in Trading award* for the second straight year is a gratifying endorsement of our technology and service.

As markets, regulation and technology continue to evolve in 2018 and beyond, our objective is unwavering: to deliver technology that makes the buyside trader’s workflow as efficient, integrated and smart as possible. Technology, after all, is not something you work with, but should work for you.

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*2017 Outperforming EMS, 2016 Best Cross-Asset Innovation award in EMS.

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