TS TradeSmart Comes Out on Top: Named 2017 Overall Outperforming EMS

TradeSmart EMS a multi-asset SaaS deployed trading solution received the highest honor at The TRADE’s annual Leaders in Trading awards dinner. Named “Overall Outperforming EMS” a peer designated distinction given to the firm, which beat the survey average by an impressive 207 basis points. TS ranked “category outperformer” in 10 out of 13 categories including breadth of asset class coverage, breadth of direct connections to venues, product development and ease of integration to internal systems.

“This award is a huge honor for the entire TS team. By virtue of the fact it is a SaaS deployed system, our technology begins performing for our clients on day one. We can implement it in parallel to any existing system we will eventually consolidate, integrate or replace. We accept this award with tremendous gratitude and the guarantee that our work will not stop to continually improve our clients’ workflow and access to the best trading technology,” said Quentin Limouzi, Chief Revenue Officer.

Limouzi continued, “As we look to 2018, our platform will evolve with additional automated features such as autoroute, algo wheel, baskets and e-locate. TS will continue to deliver on its multi-asset promise with a more robust fixed income offering and help clients navigate their regulatory requirements – such as those brought on by MiFID II.”

Jonathan Watkins, managing editor of The TRADE, added: “TradingScreen is always a strong performer in our annual EMS survey, but this year they outperformed – literally. With high scores in every category from FIX connectivity, breadth of algorithms, customer support and system reliability – their TradeSmart offering is truly a market leading system.”

This is the second year in a row TradingScreen was recognized by The TRADE for a best in trading distinction. For more information on the survey click here.

About TS:

We were born in the cloud, but our feet are planted firmly on the ground.

As the leading expert in SaaS-based technology for financial markets, TS technology improves access and fully automates workflows, resulting in greater efficiencies and lower costs for our clients. From our electronic trading platforms to our investment management solutions to our global financial market network, we are the industry’s most comprehensive technology suite available.

Our trading and technology experts are connected and positioned around the world, enabling a “Follow the Sun” 24-hour, six-days- a-week support approach that literally never stops. And we’re constantly evolving within a complex, ever-changing marketplace to create sophisticated, customizable and accessible solutions no matter what your trading needs.

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