TS partners with OTAS Analytics for a more robust TradeSmart

We are very excited to welcome OTAS analytics as the newest member to integrate with TradeSmart OEMS as part of the TS Partners Program. Through this integration, users will now be able to optimize their positions in real-time for an added richness and depth delivered with the most robust financial market analytics available.

Stronger calls across the industry for best execution transparency, render this partnership perfectly timed. Combining TradeSmart OEMS unmatched connectivity and OTAS insights will help the buy-side more strategically connect the market data dots through tools like:

  • Pre-Trade Scheduling, forecasts on risks and total expected costs
  • Micro structure charting – performance versus a basket of highly correlated peers, actual and predicted volume, liquidity at best bid and ask, spread and further analysis of volume by buyers and sellers
  • Alerts, exceptional occurrences in volume, return, liquidity and spread across your order pad

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