TS Enterprise Solutions Launches: API, Data, and FIX Connectivity

TS leverages its 18 years of fintech experience to launch Enterprise Solutions. This offering provides developers and traders with access to TS technology stack to improve product time-to-market, and ultimately save costs against R&D budget.

Benefits include access to a highly-vetted data master inclusive of the TS global developer community, and APIs from which to self-serve real-time data, with the goal of eliminating multiple data vendors. Keep up with TS Enterprise Solutions by following the LinkedIn Showcase page and Twitter account.

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Enriching the HVaR Calculation:
Predicting the Past:

HVaR, By Dr Lance Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, TS Imagine Historical VaR (HVaR) has become a standard measurement of risk, in which a current portfolio is subjected to the market conditions of a prior day and the resulting P&L is recorded. Read entire article here.

June 30, 2022
Limitations of HVaR

Limitations of HVaR:
When the Future No Longer Looks Like the Past

HVaR assumes that present market dynamics are captured in past behavior so what should we do when the world changes? Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, commodity markets have entered new trading patterns and Lance Smith, TS Imagine Chief Strategy Officer explains some of the tools that can be used to help HVaR without disturbing other risk factors.

April 12, 2022
Bitcoin Financialization Part 3

Bitcoin Financialization (Part 3) – Calling All Crypto Asset Managers

Since its creation, Bitcoin (BTC) has been the subject of constant discussion regarding its potential impact on financial markets and the seismic shifts it could generate.

March 31, 2022