TS Enterprise Solutions Launches: API, Data, and FIX Connectivity

TS leverages its 18 years of fintech experience to launch Enterprise Solutions. This offering provides developers and traders with access to TS technology stack to improve product time-to-market, and ultimately save costs against R&D budget.

Benefits include access to a highly-vetted data master inclusive of the TS global developer community, and APIs from which to self-serve real-time data, with the goal of eliminating multiple data vendors. Keep up with TS Enterprise Solutions by following the LinkedIn Showcase page and Twitter account.

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February 7, 2023

Insights from Interns

Our most recent interns, Nicholas and Timur, both joined us from Imperial College London where they are going into the third year of their Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degrees, respectively. They spent 11 weeks working with TS Imagine’s Professional Services team in London this summer under the supervision of myself and Simarjit Johal (Regional Team Lead).

February 2, 2023

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