We have launched a new initiative, ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS™. Our goal is to provide access to our technology stack from which clients can accelerate delivery of their development roadmap and significantly save cost against their R&D budget.

A few of the initial segments we plan to offer include the following:

Enterprise Data Management

TS maintain their own golden copy of multi-asset data, including referential / fundamental data, real-time market data, and price / trade history.

Developer Community

TS offer a suite of API technologies which allow developers to create and integrate proprietary applications utilizing our backend services, infrastructure and multi-asset class data repositories.

FIX Connectivity

TS operate one of the market’s largest global multi-asset FIX network communities, offering trading workflows that cover the complete trade lifecycle. TS have built one of the first fully-automated multi-vendor financial extranets through which clients can consolidate and standardize all of their global connectivity requirements.

Global Infrastructure

TS operate 8 global data centers, all of which are fully managed and monitored by our global production teams.

We welcome the opportunity to present our thoughts to you, gather your feedback on our strategy and additionally hear ways in which we could be a better technology provider in the future.

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