A WatersTechnology Interview with TradeCross Business Manager

Alexander Carteau, TradeCross Business Manager’s describes the power of the TradeCross platform: “TradeCross allows users to negotiate anonymously only with those counterparties that are within their preferred price range. It was built particularly to address the ongoing issues of bond market illiquidity, which, combined with far-reaching regulatory changes, have negatively impacted fixed-income volumes by strangling trade executions.”

“TradingScreen has demonstrated innovation and leadership with its TradeCross initiative, which is unique as it was built to address the needs of the buy-side,” said Victor Anderson, editor-in-chief, WatersTechnology. “It allows asset managers to share interests and positions in an anonymous fashion, unlocking new sources of liquidity.”

The Best Crossing Network Provider award is the second consecutive WatersTechnology award for TradingScreen. A few months ago the company won best sell-side OTC trading initiative at the Sell-Side Technology Awards for its TradeExchange platform.

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