Bloomberg Shares Data With Third Parties Through New Program

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions has launched a partner program, connecting its applications to over 125 financial software providers.

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions has launched a partner program, connecting its applications to over 125 financial software providers.

Mutual clients of Bloomberg and the third-party vendors can now access Bloomberg’s data, such as reference data and pricing information, through the third party.

“Our clients generally come to us with one overarching challenge—that is, how to acquire, organize, distribute and use data across their organization. In many cases, they want to use Bloomberg’s financial information in multiple applications that support trading, reporting, compliance or risk management. Sometimes clients use Bloomberg applications for these functions, but sometimes they use third-party software. That’s when we begin a step-by-step registration process with software providers so we can enable them to access and use Bloomberg’s financial information,” says Gerard Francis, global head of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions group.

Partners run the gamut from order management systems to risk platforms. For example, one partner, TS Imagine, chose to integrate Bloomberg’s live pricing data due in large part to client demand, because many clients are used to and comfortable with Bloomberg symbology, says Lance Smith, CEO of TS Imagine. And incorporating Bloomberg’s data into TS Imagine’s software adds value, he says, as clients have a broader choice in the data they use.

Francis adds: “Enabling third-party applications to use Bloomberg’s data and integrate with our desktop and enterprise applications helps Bloomberg deliver consistent service, quality data and, ultimately, more value to our client. In addition, as a result of working with Bloomberg and registered partners, clients can synchronize workflow across their organization and enhance the user experience without adding unnecessary programming complexity.”

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