Institutional Investor Spotlights TS Imagine Co-Founder Steven Harrison in 2013 Trading Technology 40 List

NEW YORK, February 7, 2013 – TS Imagine, a leading provider of real-time portfolio and risk management solutions worldwide, announced today that Steven Harrison, President and COO, was selected for inclusion in the Institutional Investor Trading Technology 40 list. This second annual global ranking of “the most prominent innovators and managers in the field” will be published in the February issue of Institutional Investor.

Commenting on this list of influential individuals, Jeff Kutler, Senior Contributing Editor at Institutional Investor, said, “Although 2012 was a year marked by high-profile technological failures at the market level, and new regulatory challenges for all financial market participants, this is a dynamic and resilient industry that is never lacking for the drive to innovate, and that shows through in the Trading Tech 40 selections.”

Speaking specifically about Harrison, Kutler said, “Directing the launch of three major innovations during 2012, Harrison epitomized the pioneering spirit envisioned when the Trading Technology 40 was developed.”

“The Trading Tech 40 recognition is well deserved as TS Imagine offers institutional-grade functionality within an affordable and scalable cost structure,” said Jonathan Barton, Chief Operating Officer of New York-based Meru Capital Group, a cross-asset class hedge fund manager. “TS Imagine’s live portfolio management and risk exposure monitoring tools empower us to track P&L, manage our positions and exposure, run stress tests, determine VaR, and perform a host of other essential calculations all across multiple asset classes with fast, anytime, anywhere access. We are committed to using the most sophisticated and cutting-edge risk management solutions available and it is great to see TS Imagine’s reputation endorsed by the industry.”

“Although my name is the one on the list,” Harrison said, “this honor belongs to all of TS Imagine. Ignoring traditional barriers and breaking the mold of what had been possible, we worked closely with our industry leading customers to deliver on several innovative initiatives in a single year. Just as we helped lead the cloud revolution with the launch of our ASP service in 2000, the TS Imagine Financial Platform (IFP) and the TS Imagine Marketplace are now providing the business investment community with its own version of the consumer world’s popular ‘app store’ model. At the same time, we are also introducing the next generation of risk aggregation with the debut of the TS Imagine Risk Aggregator.”

“I am exceedingly proud of all we accomplished during 2012. These achievements, as well as all we have planned for the new year and beyond, are a solid testament to TS Imagine’s legacy of delivering industry changing solutions. For 20 years we’ve built our success on a keen ability to help clients rapidly address the ever-shifting demands of global markets, and we will continue to do so with a host of new developments in our pipeline.”

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About TS Imagine

For nearly 20 years TS Imagine has been a leading provider of real-time investment management solutions to the global financial community. Since launching the first cloud-based integrated portfolio and risk management offering—the TS Imagine Trading System—in 2000, the company has continued to guide the industry as an innovator. The company’s robust suite of products also includes the TS Imagine Financial Platform, an environment that extends TS Imagine’s capabilities through TS Imagine Apps; the TS Imagine Marketplace, an online community to distribute and obtain TS Imagine Apps; and the TS Imagine Risk Aggregator, a web portal providing greater transparency into investments.

Headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Cleveland, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, and Istanbul, TS Imagine is the trusted solution for thousands of users at the world’s largest hedge funds, funds of funds, brokerage firms, and investment banks.

For more information, visit or contact us at 212-317-7600, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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